Here you can find a brief introduction to the main graphic packages with different design options.


I devise a unique concept and design solutions specifically tailored to each client. I hope this little explanation will help you to get an idea from where to start or to realize and confirm your visual  business needs. 


Let’s explore the different ways we can collaborate!



Hello, I am Alison!

I am a freelance graphic artist and art photographer. I have been doing graphic design professionally since 2007. Since then, i have lived and traveled around the world. Currently i live in Tulum, Mexico.

Capturing different cultures, helps me to create my unique art vision.

My design experience began with architecture and continues with different areas of visual arts & design. My specialties includes:

Branding & Identity,  Web Sites,  Promotion For Events,

Art Photography, Handmade Decoration And Paintings.

Check out my portfolio and feel free to contact me!



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